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Cybersecurity: Moving from awareness to solutions

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and with it comes more conference activity focused on cyber-related challenges. Efforts dedicated to raising awareness are certainly important, particularly to the extent that they focus on communities and individuals that have yet to fully appreciate the problem and how to prevent, or at least mitigate, it.

Even more important is the work being done to find solutions. Some of the most creative and potentially groundbreaking thinking emanates from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA’s director Arati Prabhakar offered a glimpse of some of that work in remarks offered at a cybersecurity summit convened this week by The Washington Post.

DARPA does not think small. One project underway seeks to “build software that is not hackable.” Another goal is to figure out how to have security keep pace with the exponential expansion of information and connectivity — or, as Prabhakar puts it, “`to find techniques that scale faster than the explosion in information’.” Read more here.