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DHS establishes new task force on employee morale

According to a new notice in the Federal Register, Secretary Jeh Johnson has tasked the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) to establish a new DHS Employee Morale Task Force. The notice asks the Task Force to examine the following four questions:

(1) What are the core or root causes of continued low morale in the Department of Homeland Security?
(2) How can DHS strengthen its leadership cadre, in order to both enhance mission effectiveness and also increase employee morale?
(3) How can DHS work as a whole, across the agencies and recognizing their distinct cultures, to build a greater sense of belonging and improve employee morale?
(4) Referencing the 2007 HSAC DHS Morale Assessment: which of those recommendations were successfully implemented? For those items that were not but still remain relevant, what changes should be made to increase the likelihood of successful implementation and organizational adoption?

The “morale assessment” referenced in question #4 is likely the HSAC’s Culture Task Force Report, released in January 2007, a very well-done report that included recommendations which are still very relevant to the Department more than seven years later.

The notice also indicates that the Task Force has nine months to carry out its work and report back to the full HSAC.

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  1. DHS has funded the DHSTogether program since 2009 with a 1+ million per year budget that’s supposed to address morale. Why isn’t anyone holding them accountable or at least looking at what their doing (or not doing)? Stop funding ineffective programs. There’s the Senior Executive Steering Committee intended to address morale. Morale has taken the biggest nose dives since those two initiatives started. Then came the Deputy’s morale steering committee in early 2014. Why aren’t the old, ineffective programs stopped if they don’t work and the decision is to start a new one?

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