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HSPI Director appearing on Fox News special on “lone wolves”


HSPI Director Frank Cilluffo is a featured analyst on a Fox News special hosted by Greta Van Susteren airing tonight, entitled “Greta Investigates: The Lone Wolves of Terror”. Van Susteren previews the special on her website:

Terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda or ISIS are causing death and destruction around the world. This week’s attacks in Canada again draw attention to radical Islamists. The solitary fanatics – the ‘Lone Wolves’ – present law enforcement with difficult and frightening challenges. These domestic terrorists are not tied to any formal cells. They often become radicalized over the Internet, in prison and may live undetected within our communities – until they strike.

The special is airing at 7pm EST tonight and will be re-airing several times this weekend on the Fox News Channel.

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