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HSPI event with Amb. Alberto Fernandez, Department of State

Tomorrow HSPI will convene a Strategy and Leadership Forum featuring Ambassador Alberto Fernandez, Coordinator of the State Department’s Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications (CSCC). You can register for the event here.

Ambassador Fernandez (see his biography here) will discuss terrorist use of social media and the important role played by CSCC in counterterrorism, countering violent extremism, and the broader challenges posed by foreign fighters, particularly in Syria and Iraq. To see some of CSCC’s work in action, check out their “Think Again Turn Away” initiative on Twitter and Facebook.

As background for tomorrow’s discussion, for a few different takes on CSCC and its mission, see these profiles and analyses in ABC NewsPolitico, and Time Magazine. For more context, see HSPI’s testimony on evolving threats to the homeland, here and here, plus our National Interest article on the role of social media in the context of counterterrorism.

Counterterrorism efforts beyond the physical battlefield are crucial, and tomorrow’s discussion begs some hard questions: For CSCC to succeed in its mission, what resources, skills, and strategies are needed? How does CSCC measure success? What lessons has CSCC learned over time and implemented as course corrections?

Join us tomorrow for a discussion of these and related issues.