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New HSPI report: “Putin’s Russia: A Geopolitical Analysis”

Today HSPI published an Issue Brief entitled “Putin’s Russia: A Geopolitical Analysis,” co-authored by HSPI senior fellow Robert Dannenberg, together with Frank Cilluffo and me. Here’s a synopsis:

The speed and audacity of Russia’s annexation of Crimea earlier this year shook Eastern Europe and surprised the West. Yet the conflict in Ukraine is just one symptom of a much broader challenge, and one which the West has yet to recognize fully and respond to accordingly. Russian President Putin is much more of a revolutionary than people give him credit for being. In fact, however, he wants to reshape the world and reshuffle the international economic deck.

This Issue Brief examines events in Ukraine and beyond from a strategic perspective; and then offers a series of action recommendations intended to respond effectively to these geostrategic developments. Read the entire analysis at this link (PDF).