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New CCHS publication on Counterterrorism in France

On Friday, CCHS published a commentary entitled “Counterterrorism in France: Key Questions after Charlie Hebdo.” The piece, written by CCHS Scholar in Residence Rhea Siers and me, raises a series of issues that offer the beginnings of a framework for understanding the conundrum facing French officials:

  • What counterterrorism tools did France have in hand at the time of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish supermarket?
  • Was the panoply of French counterterrorism tools existing at the time of the attack insufficient or were these instruments invoked improperly, if at all?
  • Does France have a sufficiently solid understanding of the adversary, and the radicalization process as it plays out in France?
  • How to handle border security in a borderless world?
  • Sustainability: how to protect key targets indefinitely?

France is in a difficult position — one that is at once both common to the West and yet particular to France itself. Although there must be international cooperation to meet the challenge, each country must also chart its own course by formulating, implementing and refining a strategy that best tackles the problem as manifested locally.

Read our entire analysis at this link.