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New commentary analyzes Russian cyber operations

Today the Atlantic Council published a commentary by CCHS director Frank Cilluffo and me, titled The Bear is Inside the Wire.” Our starting point is the recent White House hack attributed, by some, to Russia. We then go on to place latest developments in broader context.

Here are some key takeaways:

For years, Russia has “integrated cyber operations into its military doctrine,” as well as into the larger toolkit it employs for economic and political purposes….

[Regarding Ukraine] Using a mix of old-style propaganda and advanced information operations, Russia has succeeded in blending cyber components with other ways of war fighting.

And the bigger picture:

The incursion into Ukraine, seizure of the Crimean peninsula, violations of NATO airspace, amped-up propaganda efforts, and sharply worded anti-Western rhetoric are the tip of a very large iceberg.

Broader context matters. Why?

[B]ecause Putin’s Russia seeks to craft an alternative world order in which the shadowy practices of what some have called hybrid warfare—which includes a significant cyber component—hold sway over rules-based institutions and agreements.

So, what should the United States do? In addition to the recent cyber-sanctions E.O., and the continuing need for Congressional leadership (read: action) on long-discussed legislation: “the Obama administration should also articulate a clear cyber-deterrence strategy, designed to influence the behavior of adversaries and actors, including but not limited to Russia. Such a strategy must encompass working with allies and organizations such as NATO.”

You can read the entire article here.

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  1. T/he Putin Method (mine) has evolved since the massive cyber offensive against Georgia in 2008. With that stunning success, blinding the Georgian military defenses, Putin has enhanced the mix mentioned in this article and established an irregular unconventional military methodology that is producing dramatic results in Putin’s revanchist drive to reconstitute the Russian Near Abroad. See thesimmonsreview.com for several articles and live presentations addressing these issues.

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