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New CCHS analysis of the OPM cyber hack

Yesterday CCHS Director Frank Cilluffo and I published a commentary on the OPM hack traced to China and affecting millions of US government employees.  The article appeared in The Conversation and is entitled: “Massive government employee data theft further complicates US-China relations.” 

Details continue to emerge and it’s not yet clear whether the Chinese government was involved in the incident.  Interestingly however, the case has been revealed publicly just weeks before the annual US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue scheduled for June 22-24.

Against this background, here’s the key takeaway from the piece:

If both sides are genuinely serious about addressing cybersecurity, this would be a timely and appropriate opportunity to demonstrate their commitment by skipping the pomp and circumstance to address the tough issues.

In short, if indeed this massive hack is the work of a criminal enterprise, then this is China’s opportunity to show that it is serious by conducting a joint investigation with the United States and by prosecuting wherever the facts and evidence lead.

Should China be reluctant to proceed in this manner, then the United States should look to its own legal instruments and invoke and apply them.

In that sense, the case is a litmus test for this country’s policies and practices as well.

You can read the full article at this link.