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New CCHS essay on “The Internet of Everything”

Earlier this week the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation convened a symposium, entitled “The Internet of Everything: Data, Networks and Opportunities,” and released a compendium of essays on that theme. CCHS Director Frank Cilluffo and I contributed to that volume, with an analysis that speaks to the challenges of critical infrastructure protection in the era of the “Internet of Things.”

Among our key points:

The smarter the device, the more likely an adversary can do harm—to it, to the owner, and to third parties. … This built-in weakness, which exponentially expands the surface for potential attack, is particularly problematic when it comes to critical infrastructure sectors…

Recall the widespread concern generated by the shutdown of the New York Stock Exchange in July of this year. The apparent culprit there was just a technical “glitch.” Imagine the damage and mayhem that an actor with malicious intent could cause. …

No system will be foolproof though, so resilience is an equally crucial aspect of the equation. The ability to bounce back and to do so quickly is perhaps the greatest deterrent to those who may wish to do us harm.

Read the entire article, titled “Vulnerability and Resilience in the Internet of Everything,” here.