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HSPI Director appearing on Fox News special on “lone wolves”

HSPI Director Frank Cilluffo is a featured analyst on a Fox News special hosted by Greta Van Susteren airing tonight, entitled “Greta Investigates: The Lone Wolves of Terror”. Van Susteren previews the special on her website:

Terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda or ISIS are causing death and destruction around the world. This week’s attacks in Canada again draw attention to radical Islamists. The solitary fanatics – the ‘Lone Wolves’ – present law enforcement with difficult and frightening challenges. These domestic terrorists are not tied to any formal cells. They often become radicalized over the Internet, in prison and may live undetected within our communities – until they strike.

The special is airing at 7pm EST tonight and will be re-airing several times this weekend on the Fox News Channel.

New op-ed and report on cybersecurity and DOD acquisition

Today Nextgov published an op-ed by Northrop Grumman Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer Michael Papay, HSPI Director Frank Cilluffo, and HSPI Associate Director Sharon Cardash, entitled “Pentagon Needs to Build Cybersecurity into the Acquisition Process.” The piece speaks to the intersection of cybersecurity and DOD acquisition, noting that what is really needed is to embed cybersecurity into our systems, designs, and culture/mindset. The piece offers a 3-pronged plan for moving forward: educate, evangelize, engineer.

In the view of the authors, the above subjects are important, but under-examined; and also timely — especially during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  Given the complexity of these topics, however, the op-ed is necessarily a topline treatment. For a more in-depth discussion of the challenges at play, see the related Issue Brief, produced jointly by the GW Cybersecurity Initiative and Northrop Grumman.

The Issue Brief explores the nexus of acquisition, components, and cybersecurity — first from the standpoint of potential vulnerabilities, and then from the perspective of remedying of them. The discussion begins in a DOD context, and subsequently expands to include critical infrastructure, and the Internet of Things. The report concludes with a series of action recommendations, targeted to different stakeholders in the defense realm, to bring the acquisition of components into alignment with a robust cybersecurity posture. Read more here.

HSPI Director participates in cyber forum this morning

HSPI Director Frank Cilluffo participated in a panel discussion on cybersecurity at an event hosted this morning by the Center for National Policy and the Christian Science Monitor, following an initial keynote address and discussion with White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel. You can find the archived webcast of the full event at this link on the Christian Science Monitor’s website, or view it below:

Seven cybersecurity questions for corporate boards

Governor Tim Pawlenty, CEO of the Financial Services Roundtable, and HSPI Director Frank Cilluffo have an opinion piece in American Banker magazine today entitled “Seven Cybersecurity Questions Bank Boards Need to Ask.” The piece highlights seven key questions that members of boards of directors need to be asking the executives of the companies that they oversee about companies’ potential cybersecurity risks – an issue of growing concern to the SEC. One example from the piece:

Has management assigned clear roles and responsibilities for identifying, evaluating, monitoring, and responding to cybersecurity incidents?

Without knowing who is supposed to do what and when, it is unlikely that an organization will effectively manage a crisis. Board members and management should organize informal exercises that allow them to analyze policies and procedures in a range of cyber scenarios in order to clarify roles and stress-test response and recovery plans.

You can read the full piece, with the other six questions and answers, at this link.

Event this afternoon: “Cybersecurity for Government Contractors”

We are hosting an event this afternoon entitled “Cybersecurity for Government Contractors”, under the auspices of GW’s Cybersecurity Initiative, and in partnership with the law firm Covington & Burling. You can watch the webcast live at this link starting at around 3pm EST, and the webcast will be archived and available for later viewing at the same link after the event has been completed.

HSPI Director discusses new ISIS video on CNN

On Friday, September 19th, HSPI Director Frank Cilluffo appeared on CNN to discuss the implications of a new video released by ISIS.  The full story and CNN video clip can be found at the link below: